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Vampire Lite

Anti-theft car security
solution thieves hate

Based on technology with the capability to electro-mechanically block up to 7 core components that generates much more protective combinations than other commercial security solutions, which block only 2 circuits

Thatcham Research Security Certified
Thatcham Research Security Certified
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01 Car thieves have become more sophisticated

A pro thief steals a car in 4 seconds.

Even the newest technologies developed by a car manufacturers can't prevent it.

Number of stolen cars has risen by 50% in the last 3 years in the UK.

That's why a new kind of anti-theft car security system is needed.

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Kľúč k systému zabezpečenia auta proti krádežit Vampire Lite VAM R1
Created in Europe.

02 Vampire Lite

20 years of unbroken technology

We have secured more than 10 000 vehicles. The VAMPIRE Security system is still unsurpassed. 600 thieves have tried, and no one succesffully drove away.

Easy to use

Usability is one of the main features of the VAMPIRE. It’s really easy to use and elegant. Great combination of easiness to use with hardiness to surpass.

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03 How it works

VAMPIRE LITE is a car security system based on an electro-mechanical principle. It blocks up to 7 core components e.g. clutch pedal, steering wheel or gearbox.

Each vehicle is secured by a high number of unique combinations; therefore, thieves don’t have enough time to steal your car. With VAMPIRE LITE you can be sure that your car will stay where you left it.

It's impossible to start a vehicle that has mounted VAMPIRE, even if a thief:

  • uses diagnostic device, which can identify blocked circuits
  • changes ignition switch
  • uses illegal duplicate of a car key
  • uses different kinds of reading and decoding devices
  • changes control unit
  • interrupt GPS signal


Fuel system




El. control unit (ECU)

Clutch pedal

How does our unsurpassed
security work?

VAMPIRE Lite - EN version
Vampire Lite

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Palubná doska so zabudovaným systémom zabezpečenia proti krádeži Vampire Lite VAM R1

Solution that is technically robust and difficult to overcome

Only one-time fee without additional payments

Installed & ready from 2 hours

No battery consumption

Security for every car model

Installed by certified companies only

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