Extremely long time to surpass

Electro-mechanical principle and high number of unique combinations make the VAMPIRE a true champion among vehicle security systems because it is technically very hard to surpass.

Each vehicle is uniquely secured

Every installation of our system is unique and it is impossible to reuse the same stealing method used on a different car.


Fingerprint technology provides a greater degree of security and convenience. Extremely convenient form of user authentication.

GPS Tracking device is based on the newest IoT technologies

Real-time tracking system that monitors your vehicle and alerts you directly of suspicious activity.

High quality of used materials

Our products are made from the best quality materials such as polished aluminium and components are supplied by the renowned worldwide suppliers for ensuring the highest level of reliability.

No car battery consumption

Conventional car security systems draw power from the battery, so you may end up with dead car battery. VAMPIRE does not use any battery power.

Attractive design

VAM System’s products are designed very carefully. We want to make our customers proud of the way how their cars are protected thus VAMPIRE looks really innovative and representative.

No negative effect on the vehicle warranty

The installation of VAMPIRE Security system has no negative effect on the vehicles warranty.

Handcrafted in Europe

Final product is assembled and installed in UK. Many parts are made in Slovakia, the world’s largest producer of cars per capita.